When you're struggling with daily muscular pain, neuromuscular therapy may be the answer for you. Do you dread moving certain parts of your body because of joint and muscle pain? Then my massage techniques may be the help you need to resolve your muscular pain. 

What Are the Benefits?

1. Fewer headaches through looser neck & shoulder muscles

2. Reduced back pain from released abdomen & back muscles

3. Less joint pain from relaxed muscles & ligaments 

4. Corrected posture from more open muscles & tendons 

My Specialty

For 28 years, I've utilized the Paul St. John neuromuscular therapy technique. This comprehensive treatment is complemented with lifestyle counseling to help you stop your unresolved muscular pain.

Medical Massage & Posture Correction Techniques Based in Timonium and Monkton, Maryland

Enjoy more comfortable movement with medical massages and posture correction techniques. I use neuromuscular therapy techniques to target the painful areas of your body, and the specific muscles that are causing your muscular pain.

Initial Medical Massage Session And Information On Healthy Website's To Assist You At Home

Before starting your first massage, you will complete a 2-page health questionnaire which I use to discuss your problems. This is followed by a 1-hour massage and information on stretching techniques to help you at home. Your subsequent medical massages will be 1 hour each. My dedication to your well-being doesn't stop with posture correction and medical massages. You will learn how to stretch properly, eat healthy, and use correct posture for long-lasting results.

Make an Appointment in Timonium Or Monkton

My medical massages are available by appointment only. The first session is 1.5-2 hours. It requires that you complete a 2 page health questionnaire and it is a half hour consultation followed by a hour of muscle therapy. Don't wait another day to start living the pain-free life you deserve. Make an appointment today for a more enjoyable living tomorrow. Call me at (410) 628-2288 for more information and to speak to me about my massage therapy techniques.
Appointments are available from Monday–Friday, 9:30 a.m.–7:00 p.m*

*And Select Saturday's

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